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Seasonal Resources

Holiday Resources:

Vermont 2-1-1 receives many calls from Vermonters seeking holiday meals and/or gift giving programs. We list over 100 programs in our database. Click on the links below to view these programs:

Thanksgiving Programs

Christmas Programs

Holiday Gifts/Toys

In addition, every year we compile a listing of programs that are coordinated locally and may not be associated with just one agency. Click here to view a spreadsheet of resources.


Free Tax Preparation:

Vermont 2-1-1 promotes free tax preparation statewide in partnership with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, the Chittenden County CASH Coalition, local United Way agencies and Community Action agencies. Last year, our I&R Specialists handled over 3,000 tax preparation calls. All callers in Chittenden, Windham, or Windsor County are directly transferred to the "Tax Appointment Scheduler" in their area. All other Vermont regions are referred directly to their local tax sites.


Flu Season Resources:

Vermont 2-1-1 partners with the Vermont Department of Health to help provide public information about H1N1 Flu and Seasonal Flu. General questions about H1N1 Flu can be answered by dialing 2-1-1. To locate a flu clinic in your area please dial 2-1-1 or click on Flu Clinic Finder.  For information about flu activity in Vermont, click onVermont Department of Health; or for nationwide  information, click on U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Farm To Family Coupons:

Vermonters can get help buying locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables at over 60 participating Farmers Markets. About one in four Vermonters qualifies for Farm to Family coupons. Please note that not all Farmers Markets are open during the Winter months.  For information about eligibility and how to apply, Click Here, or dial 2-1-1.


Fuel Assistance:

Vermont’s Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program can help pay part of your home heating bills whether you own your home or rent; pay for heat directly or as part of rent; rent a room in someone's home; or live in public, subsidized, or Section 8 housing - even if your rent includes the cost of heat.  Plus, recent program changes mean more Vermont families may be eligible because monthly income limits have been increased, and the resource test has been eliminated.

New guidelines allow applicants to apply year round!  Click Here or dial 2-1-1 for eligibility and application information.

If you have a heating crisis during the winter, Crisis Fuel may be able to help.

The Vermont 2-1-1 database contains detailed descriptions of programs and services available to Vermonters that are provided by local community groups, social service and health-related agencies, government organizations, and others. We are constantly adding new resources to our database, but at last count it contained 950 agencies that provide nearly 10,000 services within almost 3,000 programs. Resource Specialists gather information by regularly attending community meetings throughout the state and contacting agencies directly to complete a formal update process at least annually.


Services fall under the following general categories:

  • Basic Needs

  • Consumer Services

  • Criminal Justice and Legal Services

  • Education

  • Environment/Public Health/Public Safety

  • Health Care

  • Income Support and Employment

  • Individual and Family Life

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

  • Organizational/Community Services


Types of agencies in the database include:

  • Federal, state and local entities

  • Community Action Agencies

  • Non-Profit organizations

  • Churches, service organizations and civic groups that provide services to the public

  • Out-of-state entities that offer services to Vermonters

  • And more


Vermont 2-1-1 welcomes new agencies, programs and services interested in joining our database to apply for inclusion. Apply here.



2-1-1 Database Tutorial


Please take time to review this 2-1-1 Database Tutorial before using the Vermont 2-1-1 database to search for services.  This tutorial will give you a better understanding of the three different search methods available on our network of services:

Click Here for 2-1-1 Database Tutorial 


How the 2-1-1 Database is Maintained

Vermont 2-1-1 is committed to maintaining accurate and up-to-date information about community resources in Vermont.  The database is formally updated for all listings on an annual basis.  Interim changes and updates are done as we learn about them.  Local newspapers, community meetings and subscriptions to agency newsletters are also a general source for agency updates.

Vermont 2-1-1 requests that individuals and organizations do not utilize the database to populate their own database of community resources, create a new database, or create specialized directories or lengthy resource lists. Agencies and organizations are welcome to use the database to update short resource lists of community services.

This policy is aimed at protecting the integrity of Vermont 2-1-1 data and preventing a duplication of effort among service providers.  Maintaining an accurate and comprehensive database is exceedingly time-consuming and costly. Vermont 2-1-1 has staff dedicated to maintaining the database; therefore, we prefer to partner with organizations needing data to save them time and money.

Every effort has been made to verify the information contained in our database, but information can change on a regular basis. Here at Vermont 2-1-1 we welcome any feedback regarding outdated information, and we apologize for any inaccuracies.

What is a 2-1-1 Resource Specialist?

Vermont 2-1-1 Regional Resource Specialists represent Vermont 2-1-1 in particular regions of the state.  Regional Resource Specialists work to ensure that the Vermont 2-1-1 Database has accurate and has up to date information about health and human services in their region.  The Regional Resource Specialists proactively gather information about new health and human service programs for inclusion in the Vermont 2-1-1 Database.  The Regional Resource Specialist promotes the 2-1-1 service in his/her designated region, actively participates in regional community partnerships and other appropriate collaborative groups, and maintains relationships with local agencies and local communities.

Current 2-1-1 Resource Specialists by region: 

Northwest Vermont Region - Carmel Quinn, Resource Manager.
Chittenden, Lamoille, Franklin, Grand Isle, and  Washington Counties.

Northeast Vermont Region - Dixie Burns, Regional Resource Specialist.
Orleans, Essex, Caledonia Counties and certain towns in Orange County: Topsham, Newbury, Williamstown, Washington, Corinth, and Newbury.

Southeast Vermont Region - Jim Tonkovich, Regional Resource Specialist.
Windham, Windsor, and Orange Counties.

Southwest Vermont Region - Beth Diamond, Regional Resource Specialist.
Addison, Bennington and Rutland Counties.

Additional information